Staving off Sinus Headaches

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Every spring and fall, along with sniffling, sneezing and runny noses, allergy sufferers often get sinus headaches. Just when the weather starts to warm or cool, your head begins to throb. You wonder if it’s due to stress at work. … Continued

Pets: Allergy Friends or Foes?

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Studies suggest household animals, siblings can reduce allergy risk For years, my allergists insisted I find new homes for the pets that make me sniffle and sneeze. Those little dander machines are just making your allergies worse, they intoned. I … Continued

What is Yoga?

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Yoga is a technique that has been passed on throughout the ages. It is an ancient discipline that promotes the healing of the body, emotions and mind. Originally practiced only in the East, it is now also embraced by Western … Continued

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