Conscious Breathing

HeartMath,, is a company that researches the connection between how the heart functions, emotions, and cognitive functioning.

Unfortunately, today’s uncertain economy can cause a great deal of stress for people. An article recently posted by HeartMath on PRWeb  explained the detrimental effects of stress when it goes unchecked:

“For many Americans the instability of the economy is feeling like an emotional roller coaster, triggering all kinds of emotions from blame and anger to fear and anxiety. While the current economic crisis can feel like a looming disaster waiting to drain the life out of your banking account, what’s worse, say HeartMath stress experts, is what could lie ahead. If people are unaware of how to handle today’s barrage of stress it will start to eat away at their vitality, health, and well-being.”

Breathing is a simple, easy, stress reduction tool. It is useful because it doesn’t require any special equipment to do, it doesn’t take any extra time, it brings you more fully present into the moment, and it’s free!

One of the simple breathing exercises that I give to my clients involves counting to yourself as you breathe. You can vary the length of the counting, based on what feels comfortable to you.

For example

A) Count silently to yourself 1,2,3,4 as you breathe in

B) Hold your breath for 2 counts

C) Count silently to yourself 1,2,3,4 as you exhale

D) Hold your breath for 2 counts.

I recommend practicing for a few minutes, preferably morning and night. This will train you so that when you find yourself in a stressful situation. You are more likely to remember to breathe.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Energy Psychology is an emerging field of psychology that is based on the premise that everything, in its essential state, is energy. From this perspective, our thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are a manifestation of energy. Therefore, using specific techniques, we can bring ourselves back into balance by rebalancing our energy.  Thus, distressing thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are soothed and feelings of well-being, joy, and physical balance are restored and enhanced.    

  The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a popular Energy Psychology technique that is gaining widespread recognition and respect for its rapid effectiveness.    

Benefits of using EFT may include:

  •             Ease depression
  •             Soothe anxiety
  •             Decrease stress
  •             Calm anger
  •             Soften the impact of past traumas
  •             Enhance well-being
  •             Promote joy 
  •             Gain self-confidence
  •             Improve relationships 


  •             Relieve pain
  •             Support weight loss
  •             Enhance ease in exercising


  •             Smoking cessation
  •             Support in relieving alcohol/drug craving
  •             Greater control over eating choices
  •             Free yourself from phobias 


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