Guide to Holistic Healing

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Acupuncture – A highly valued method using the painless application of needles to particular points of the body with the aim of correcting the flow of energy, bringing about a change in functions of the body

Allergy Testing – Using modern technology, the body is tested for hidden allergies and food intolerances, which may be interfering with energy levels and health

Aromatherapy – Relaxing, medium or firm massage, using the application of aromatic essential oils to soothe, invigorate or de-stress for a wide variety of physical or emotional ailments

Back Rubs – Take a health break from the rush of daily life and pamper yourself with a wonderful massage, relieving aches and pains, stimulating, relaxing and energising your body and mind

Ear Acupuncture – This system uses a highly specialised diagnostic and healing tool, applying small probes to specific points of the ear to correct disharmony within the body and alleviate a variety of ailments

Facial Rejuvenation Therapy – Facial rejuvenation therapy is a painless, non surgical method of reducing the signs of the aging process. Facial Rejuvenation has been shown to increase collagen production and aids in its dispersal thus helping to firm the skin and fill out wrinkles

Holistic Massage – A balancing therapy stimulating circulation, easing away aches and pains, and promoting a feeling of physical and emotional well-being

Head Massage – An exhilarating technique which stimulates the circulation of the scalp, face, shoulders and upper back to alleviate many conditions connected with those areas

Body Massage – The ultimate nourishing massage there is to completely balance the body and soul. A thoroughly relaxing and blissful treatment for yourself

Facial – A wonderful addition to the body massage, however focusing on the face; cleansing and nourishing, yet just as relaxing and blissful

Meridian Massage – A powerful technique uses pressure applied to specific points along energy channels called meridians, to release blockages that affect the well-being of the body and mind

Osteopathy – Osteopaths help treat pain by a number of methods ranging from massage of soft tissues to gentle spinal release techniques. In recognising that the body has to be in balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level for full health to be expressed, this is a system which ultimately seeks to create the perfect environment for the body to heal itself

Qi Gong – A system of breathing exercises combined with mediation designed to improve the flow of oxygen within the body thus enhancing natural immunity against disease

Sacred bodywork – Sacred Bodywork is a very unique & deeply healing massage treatment. Holistic & transformative in essence, it works in bringing the emotional, physical, spiritual & mental bodies back into balance. – Alleviating all stress in the body & mind

Shiatsu – A Japanese method of massage which uses pressure and gentle stretching to stimulate the easy flow of energy throughout the body, restoring health to organs, blood, muscles and joints

Tui Na – Tui Na is one of the branches of TCM. Tui Na means pull and grasp, and is different from other forms of massage in that it is used to treat specific illness of an internal nature as well as musculoskeletal ailments. It is done based on a Chinese diagnosis

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