Reprogram Your DNA For Optimal Health and Longevity

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The membrane of a cell has receptors on it that receive neurochemical and electromagnetic messages that in turn instruct the cellular DNA to carry out its functions. He is also a proponent of the extent to which our beliefs affect the neurochemical milieu that our bodies are immersed in and that thereby affect DNA functioning.

Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) corroborates the view that our conscious and unconscious beliefs affect directly not only physiological function but chemical structure itself.

For instance there have been observations made of how emotional trauma stored as memories and therefore “hardwired” into the individual’s nervous system can be completely released. Such a release is experienced by the client as “the event did not take place”.

With such a release are also associated spontaneous physical and physiological changes i.e. loss of weight, age reversal effects and in one case the spontaneous disappearance of the macular degeneration associated with the erased memories of its onset, diagnosis and treatment course.

Additionally many temperamental traits thought to be transferred via one’s DNA appear to disappear from the person’s personality with MRP. Many individuals also carry intergenerational memories in their DNA that have the same potential to be erased.

So what does all of this suggest?

Well it means the following…

1. Memories are stored at many levels physiologically i.e. (un)consciously, emotionally, neurochemically, neurologically, physically and also right within the DNA structure itself.

2. That such memories have associated with them and are held in place by their corresponding “linked” beliefs.

3. By changing one’s fundamental beliefs this will create a cascade effect throughout the entire human body at all levels that will lead to a re-organization of both the structure and function of that individual’s body.

4. Such a re-organization will also occur at the level of DNA itself. In other words DNA is not as immutable as it was originally thought to be.

5. It was the scientifically accepted “belief” that DNA was immutable that essentially held it in a rigid and less functional state.

6. Our beliefs are the “blueprint” that drives the structure and function of our mental/emotional/physical bodies.

7. Our beliefs are fundamentally imprinted and/or conditioned into us consciously and unconsciously through life experiences that many believe cannot be changed after the fact.

8. It is this “life experience”, stored as memories at all levels, that limits the adaptability of the mental/emotional/physical apparatus thereby leaving it open for illness, aging and death.

9. All of one’s life history can now be essentially “dismantled” employing MRP and by doing so this returns one to a state of adaptability, resilience and health. This is akin to “freeing the DNA” and therefore the entire being at all levels to exercise its full potential rather than being limited to a small repertoire of less adaptable programs.

In my view it is time to free ourselves from such limitations and to reclaim our right to health and longevity. So what is being said here is that our bodies have a tremendous potential for resilience, self maintenance, repair, health and longevity. Unfortunately our personal and collective life histories, our beliefs and indeed, scientific dogma itself has placed great limits on this immense potential.

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