Types of Massages

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Swedish Massage
A soothing, relaxing series of massage techniques that were developed in Sweden in the mid 1800’s that produce a wonderful rejuvenating experience. This classic massage is good for stress management and general relaxation. It utilizes a light to medium touch that helps increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, cleanses lymphatic system leaving you with an overall sense of well being. Regular Swedish Massage sessions improve and increase the quality of your life.

Deep Tissue Massage/Deep Muscle Therapy
Especially effective for back, neck, shoulder pain and stiffness. We use advanced massage techniques that reach the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and ligaments, plus the use of trigger points to relieve chronic pain, cross fiber stroke to soften stiff muscles, Assisted Isolated Stretching™ to increase range of motion, moist heat and ice massage therapy, use of aromatherapy and topical herbal remedies… all combined to reduce chronic pain, correct misalignments, restructure tissue and eliminate discomfort.

Sports Massage
Excellent for anyone who participates in physical activities, with or without sports injuries. Sports Massage includes the same techniques as in the Deep Tissue/Deep Muscle Massage (see above); however, specific attention is placed on sports related body mechanics or injury as well as those groups of muscles, tendons and ligaments involved in your particular sports activity. Sports Massage substantially reduces recovery time, increases flexibility, minimizes pain and accelerates healing of soft tissue injuries. This massage has proven beneficial for pre and post marathons, training workouts, competitions and tournaments but can be enjoyed by any athletic person.

Aromatherapy Massage
Included with a relaxing Swedish Massage (see above) is the added olfactory dimension of Aromatherapy; the art and science of essential oils. These oils are derived from the highest quality flowers and herbs that have healing properties. A custom blend is created for each client. This blend is then added to massage oil and applied to the body and diffused in the air. The molecules of the essential oils are small enough to penetrate gently through the skin and lungs and enter your body with ease. Aromatherapy helps conditions of fatigue, stress, headache, muscle aches, bronchitis and sinusitis. This aromatic experience can also help uplift, calm and relax.

Reflexology Massage
Hand and foot massage using fingers and thumb pressure to stimulate the reflex points that refer to all the major internal organs, muscles, nerves, joints and spinal column. This also assists in removing toxins that build up due to gravity and weak circulation and it feels good too!!!

Upper Body Massage
This treatment is great for those who have stress, tension, pain and stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders. This massage incorporates the same techniques used in Deep Tissue/Deep Muscle Massage and utilizes a traditional massage table or the ever increasingly popular “massage chair.” The therapist focuses on easing tension, reducing pain, correcting posture and increasing circulation in the areas you need it the most.

Couples Massage
Receive a His and Hers Massage in the same room at the same time with soft music and soft lighting by two qualified Massage Therapists. Makes a great Valentine Day, Sweetest Day or Anniversary gift or for any couple under stress or when desiring to share a relaxing experience together. Choose from the following Massage Styles: Swedish, Deep Tissue/Deep Muscle, Sports or Aromatherapy. Half Hour $85, One Hour $160.

Chair Massage-On-site/Workplace Massage
This style of massage uses a specially designed “massage chair” so you can be fully clothed and seated while the therapist focuses attention to the neck, shoulders, back and arms. This helps reduce stress, eases muscle pain and tension, increases energy and mental clarity. Especially popular in the workplace, special events and parties, this “on-site” massage is usually scheduled in 10, 15, 20 or 30 minute sessions. It can be available with a two hour minimum for your group. Two hours minimum $160, each additional hour $75, plus travel (min. $20).*

Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
Specifically designed massage techniques to assist the mother-to-be throughout the stages of pregnancy and after delivery. Using modified Swedish Massage complementary to the developing baby while easing tension and stress, reducing pain and stiffness, increasing circulation and cleansing lymphatic. This massage is performed on a uniquely designed massage table that accommodates the expectant mother’s chest and belly so she is able to lay face down with ease and comfort for all nine months. Special attention is given to those tender or tight areas neck, shoulders, back, including Reflexology for the feet. This massage is also available in a Nine Month Gift Package Series as a special price

Hawaiian Massage
Smooth, elongated, rhythmical massage strokes, in cycles of 7, just like ocean waves that come upon and then gently retract the length of your body. These massage strokes follow the rhythm of your breath, which is in harmony with your heartbeat. You experience a profound sense of relaxation and tranquility, inducing a euphoric state. Very calming, excellent for the nervous system, circulation and lymphatic system.

Transformational Healing Massage
Held within the physical body is the sub-consciousness awareness and memory of the entire being: all the physical conditions as well as the mental, emotional and spiritual components. This massage uses conscious awareness techniques to locate and identify these deeper issues that are preventing wholeness and healing. The use of Body/Mind Medicine in conjunction with therapeutic massage facilitates transformation in one’s conscious awareness level, profound acceleration of physical well-being and a deep sense of peace and understanding will be experienced.

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