What is Yoga?

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Yoga is a technique that has been passed on throughout the ages. It is an ancient discipline that promotes the healing of the body, emotions and mind.

Originally practiced only in the East, it is now also embraced by Western culture. Yoga has experienced a tremendous revival, with over a 300% increase in class attendance and product sales in the past 5 years.

Those of us who live in a fast-paced, aggressive and competitive environment are beginning to seek inner peace as well as relief from our aching muscles, where we store the accumulation of everyday stress. We need to learn to relax the mind as well as the body—the practice of Yoga is well suited to accomplish this goal. The result is a relaxed body, balanced emotions and a clear mind.

The unique combination of Yoga Postures with healthy breathing techniques promotes muscle tone and a focused mind. The results are quite impressive. Students leave a session with relaxed faces and greater physical comfort. Their mental state is clear and refreshed. They feel as though a burden has been lifted off their shoulders. They experience better interpersonal communication and their performance level is increased.

Yoga is a commitment to nurture ourselves, our time to concentrate on the unity of the body and mind, to heal and rejuvenate and counteract the effects of daily stress.

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